WIDEX EVOKE: The First Machine Learning Hearing Aid

Hearing happens in real life, not just in a lab or in a clinic examination room. The challenge of real-life hearing is that it is personal and happens right here, right now. That requires the hearing aid to be able to adapt and adjust seamlessly and instantaneously. For the first time ever, it is now possible for a hearing aid to learn from the user’s input and preferences – and even share this learning with other users around the globe.WIDEX EVOKE is the first hearing aid to give users the ability to employ real-time machine learning, featuring intuitive new controls that quickly and surely guide users to their desired hearing experience. With WIDEX EVOKE users don’t have to remember issues with specific listening situations to explain to their audiologist when getting their hearing aid adjusted later.

With the introduction of WIDEX EVOKE™, hearing solutions move into an era of machine learning and join the many other contemporary technologies with the ability to learn how to become smarter.

Some of the key features found in EVOKE™ are:

  • EVOKE™ learns and improves from your real-life listening input, enabling you to teach EVOKE how you prefer to hear
  • Automatically and instantly makes adjustments suited to your needs and actual environment – even knows the difference between contemporary & classical music
  • Natural and lifelike sound for a more pleasant hearing experience
  • First ever hearing aid with machine learning
  • Industry leading low battery drain

Public places like restaurants, coffee shops, and outdoor gatherings present a challenging acoustic landscape. Widex wanted hearing aid wearers to have a simple way to make changes to how the sound is captured and processed, yet not undermine the skilled fitting made by the clinician. Through the use of the Evoke app, device users can save their preferences for the locations they frequent and make finer tuning on the go.

The combination of user input and machine learning enables the Evoke to evolve and become even smarter over time. Additionally, all Widex Evoke hearing aids will be able to leverage the database of soundscapes, and make recommendations to the user. This enables future users to build on the real life sound experience of previous users, as the algorithm changes to meet their listening goals.

With 30% more processing power than previous hearing aids, Evoke models function at 800 million operations per second, constantly refining and cleaning incoming sound. SoundSense Technology, the patented backend for the app, remembers listeners’ preferences and automatically adjusts accordingly when processing similar sounds. Since the hearing aid devices are bluetooth connected any sound that would normally come out of a user’s smartphone can go directly into the hearing aid.

“WIDEX EVOKE will forever change what people expect from hearing aids. I firmly believe that WIDEX EVOKE marks the beginning of new era in hearing aid technology – a new way of thinking. It is the first hearing aid that is truly intelligent and grows smarter as you use it. EVOKE not only learns on the level of the individual device but also across the devices in the EVOKE eco-system. The perspectives and the potential are breath-taking: Just imagine an EVOKE user in Paris benefitting from the input of an EVOKE user in Sydney. You can say that WIDEX EVOKE is the world’s first hearing aid that is intelligent today – and even smarter tomorrow”, says Widex President and CEO Jørgen Jensen.

WIDEX EVOKE will be offered in a full range of form factors and will become available in all major hearing aid markets beginning late April and continuing through May and June 2018.

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