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Florida Medical Hearing Centers is proud to provide free services to our communities across the state. 

Free Ear Cleaning at select locations across Florida.

Dirt, hair and dust are trapped by the wax produced in the skin’s glands of the outer part of the ear canal. This wax is formed in order to keep particles from reaching the eardrum. Usually, the wax will accumulate and then fall out on its own, carrying dirt and dust with it. So the human ear is perfectly able to keep itself clean. By inserting cotton swabs into your ear, you may be pushing the wax further into the ear canal, which may causear_cleaning_imagee a wax impaction.

Probing the ear with cotton swabs or other utensils can push the wax back into the ear, having a clogging effect on the eardrum. When this happens, the ear can become dry and itchy and may cause discomfort. This condition is called cerumen impaction. You may have an impacted eardrum if you notice ringing, earache, plugged sensation, hearing loss, itching, odor or discharge. If you notice any of these symptoms, consider coming in for a FREE ear cleaning service at select locations at Florida Medical Hearing Centers.call_locate_banner