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Hearing loss is extremely difficult to self diagnose. Many people think having a hearing loss means everything gets quieter. In most cases, what really happens is people still hear, they just don’t hear clearly. For example: a husband may hear his wife speak, but he doesn’t quite catch what she says. – Here are a few check list items to go through when determining if a hearing test is needed. It is perfectly normal if you are still unsure, come in to one of our clinics today for a free professional hearing exam and official diagnosis by a licensed specialist.

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   Have you been told that you speak too loud?

   Think other people sound muffled or like they’re mumbling?

   Do you ask people to repeat things?

   Have you been asked to lower the television volume?

   Do you have difficulty hearing in noisy environments such as restaurants or social events?

   Do you sometimes answer or respond at inappropriate times in a conversations?

   Do you have any ringing or noises in your ears?

   Do you read lips or more intently watch people’s faces when they speak with you?

   Do you hear men’s voices better than women’s and/or children?

   Are you stressed out about straining to hear what others are saying?

   Do you get annoyed with people because you can’t hear or understand them?

   Are you embarrassed to meet new people from misunderstanding what others are saying?

   Do you feel nervous about trying to hear clearly and understand?

   Do you withdraw from social situations that you once enjoyed because due to difficulty hearing?

If you experience any of the symptoms above, you should have your hearing tested. Click or Call today for a Free hearing test and consultation.